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iCalendar Event Feed

If you use an application that uses iCalendar (.ics) calendar format (such as Apple's iCal/iPhone/iPad, Mozilla Sunbird, and Google Calendar), you can now easily subscribe to the Handlebar's online calendar and keep up-to-date with all of our events.

Full Event Calendar Subscription

There are two ways you can do this. The first is to subscribe to the Handlebar's full event calendar. This option will allow your calendar to download new events as they are posted and keep you informed on what is coming to the Handlebar. In order to subscribe to the full calendar, you will need to use the following address:

Subscription URL:

In your calendar application, choose to subscribe to this address. Simply copy and paste the above address into this feature and you should be good to go. Links are provided below for instructions on some of the more common calendar applications.

Single Event Subscription

Event-specific ics

The second option will allow you to add specific events to your calendar if you don't wish to subscribe to the whole thing. Each event on the calendar page features a "Sync with computer" option that provides an iCalendar file for adding that event easily to your personal digital calendar. Simply opening these files within your calendar software will allow you to add them.