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Books by John Jeter

Handlebar Co-Owner’s An Author, Too


"Ultimately, Rockin' A Hard Place is less about the rise and quirks of the artists than it is about Jeter's journey as a fan and businessman, and his candid approach makes the book equally fascinating for music lovers and casual readers." --The Huffington Post

"It’s a uniquely and skillfully told, ultimately inspiring look at an until-now unexplored side of the music business." -- Peter Cooper, The Tennessean

"Music fans who adore artists who turn their body and soul into transcendent live performances will gain with this book a greater appreciation for the scrappy venue owner who gives his own body and soul to provide a stage for that transcendence to take place." --Paste magazine

"Rockin' a Hard Place sets out to tell the story of a club and winds up becoming a love letter to the power of music itself." -- Real South magazine

"Jeter fluctuates effortlessly between pages that anger us, pages that make us laugh, pages that make us cry, and pages that make our hearts and souls soar, like only the greatest songs can." -- Independent Publisher

"I didn't know that one of my favorite promoters would also be a master of page turners! Very engaging, smart and fun." --Dar Williams

"No matter how technology changes the industry, those who can offer it live, will survive. It is for this reason that The Handlebar, and clubs like it who strive to celebrate music as it was intended, must always survive. John's book, and venue, tell one story of a place that strives to keep this beautiful art form alive and well!" --Jennifer Nettles (of Sugarland)


“THE PLUNDER ROOM’S characters are vivid and believable, while the sense of setting and place are beautifully rendered and true to the modern-day South.” -- San Antonio Express-News

“Any Deep South venue is refreshing, particularly when guided by an author with John Jeter’s skills … a character-driven literary work, a return to the age of storytelling in the vein of fellow Southerner Walker Percy.” -- Mountain Xpress (Asheville, NC)

“An impressive debut.” -- Ron Rash, award-winning author and poet.