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Age Policy

How Old Do I Have To Be?

Anyone age 18 and older may attend nearly all concerts at The Handlebar. However, you must prove to us that you are indeed 18 years old. We require that everyone who attends a show have a valid driver's license (that means it cannot be expired!), valid South Carolina-issued ID with picture, or a current military ID or a passport. Birth certificates, school ID's and notes from your Mom do not count as valid identification.

In addition, those under age 18 will be admitted only when accompanied by a parent. The parent need not buy a ticket and attend the show but may not leave the building while the child is inside. In other words, children cannot be dropped off -- again, even with a note from Mom. Brothers, sisters and boyfriends or girlfriends don't "count" as parents. While youths may attend concerts when accompanied by parents, we want parents to understand that they may not consider all concerts suitable for their children. The Handlebar is not a "teen club."

Once or twice a year, The Handlebar will host so-called all-ages shows when ages 16 and older will be allowed to attend concerts without parents. These shows will be marked clearly. At such shows, no alcohol is served or permitted in the concert hall! Always assume that you must be 18 to attend a concert without a parent.

Finally, The Handlebar reserves the right to collect an additional cover charge at the door for anyone age 20 and under to defer the costs of additional security personnel.