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Sunday, September 14, 2014
To: Handlebar Friends and Family

Ok, so this week was supposed to be the “grand unveiling” of the new Handlebar location. Happily, we are still working diligently to find the perfect location for The Handlebar’s next incarnation. Not so happily, we haven’t found that perfect location yet.

Maybe we were a little overly optimistic a few months ago when we announced that we would be closing at Stone Avenue on April 30 and also announced that we would reopen at a new location September 15, 2014. We had some great leads and really great friends and amazing momentum to help us along the way.

We also promised, those months ago, that we would offer the best month of closing shows, ever! And, we delivered – thanks to YOU and some of the best local, regional and national talent available. We had fun, and that was our goal.

Another goal was to say thank you to the fans and businesses and musicians and staff who have helped us these twenty years. The Handlebar opened at the end of September 1994, so we didn’t quite make it to that two-decade mark.

Guess what: We still have the best friends, fans and helpers in our corner. We’ve had tremendous support these past months. Time has flown by. When we closed at Stone Avenue we thought we had THE answer to the next Handlebar. And while we saw some great buildings and had some great helpers and met many new people, none of those opportunities has panned out – at least not yet.

We’re still trying.

Thank you to the fans and musicians who have reached out to ask about our status. We get emails every day about the great bands traveling through the area – and already in our area.

We’re still counting on that grand re-opening. It’s just going to take a little longer than we anticipated.

The Handlebar, with its bar and restaurant, is not new to moving. The venue on Stone Avenue, once an auto-body shop, opened in the spring of 2001 following a nine-month hiatus after leaving its first location, a 100-year-old textile mill on Mills Avenue, a sprawling building now converted to condominiums.

The Handlebar – and its dedicated and talented staff -- has brought to Greenville an infinite variety of music, from local bands to Grammy Award winners to Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductees.

The Handlebar also generated a memoir, ROCKIN’ A HARD PLACE, written by co-owner John Jeter and published by Spartanburg’s Hub City Press, as well as a TV pilot, still in development.

Hang in there with us. We’ll keep you posted.

-- We miss you!
John Jeter and Kathy Laughlin